Goodbye Dehydration

Manage your daily hydration with the most delightful and user-friendly water tracker.

Best Water Tracker - Application Screen - Hydrated

Not Another Soda Logger

Skip the guesswork with estimating partial hydration from other beverages.
Best Water Tracker creates a clutter-free experience and focuses on what your body needs: pure water. Stay focused, stay hydrated.

Best Water Tracker - Application Screen - Hydrated

Measure. Then Manage.

Gain insights into your hydration habits with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly charts.

Best Water Tracker - Application Screen - Consider Hydrating

Smart Scheduling

Your time matters. Notifications and hydration indicators dynamically adjust to fit your unique daily schedule.

Best Water Tracker - Application Screen - Recently Hydrated

Better Together

With fast-user switching and a quick-entry keyboard, parents, caretakers, and health-care professionals can rejoice!

Your Personal Hydration Assistant

Simply log water as you go, and receive timely reminders and progress updates. Set it up once, then focus on living your best life.

  • Privacy First

    On-Device Storage. Data Entered Never Sold or Traded. Export Anytime.

  • Easy On Everyone's Eyes

    Dark Mode. Dynamic Type Size. High Contrast Support. We've got you covered.

  • Multi-User Support

    Help family and dependents stay hydrated. Great for caretakers and health-care professionals.

  • Home/Lock Screen Widgets

    Quick access widgets provide at-a-glance hydration status and enable one-tap app launches.

  • No Internet Required

    Your data isn't transmitted. Use the app whenever you want.

  • Made In USA

    Support a small business dedicated to improving the lives of everyday people.

Why Wait? Your Body Deserves It

Download now and start enjoying the benefits of staying hydrated -
because, let's face it, we all need to drink water.